Sunday, March 28, 2010


strawberry jellies
Did I mention how much I am enjoying The Craft of Baking?  Because this morning I jumped out of bed and whipped up some of the brown butter waffles - yum! who knew that browning butter on the stove and adding the stuff to the batter would imbue waffles with such a rich, nutty flavor.

Later in the day I made these strawberry jellies, for passover.  Have you noticed those fruit jellies that seem to pop up each year in the passover section of the grocery store?  While I am not sure why they are associated with the holiday, I decided to make them from scratch for our seder, because organic strawberries and organic sugar makes such a better candy, don't you think? (and I am enjoying nibblin on the remnants, you know, those pieces that didn't - quite - make it into perfect circles.)