Sunday, June 20, 2010

weekend in photos

squash leaves and cat tail

on friday, kitty found a good hiding place to scout out the birds ...

sunflowers wilting

... while i prepared a Mexican themed potluck dinner for a group of couples that Jesse and I meet with once a month for dinner.


there was nectarine and cherry white wine sangria to go with the nachos.


on Saturday i squealed with delight when i saw this watermelon growing on the balcony. where the heck did that come from!?!

i now peer at it almost hourly.

st.georges island

then we drove down to St. Geroge's Island, an inlet on the Chesapeake Bay, for a peaceful and lovely party.

st.georges island 2

and, finally, on a stroll Sunday night, i took a photo of the balcony from the other side. it wasn't as crazily out of control as i had imagined it to seem.

view from outside

that's a relief!  hope you all had a wonderful weekend!