Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Planning

Lately I have been having lots of fun taking care of (by that I mean giving light water mists to) my wall aerium, by FloraGrubb.  I absolutely love having these little dirt-less creatures living on my wall and once it warms up a little, I am surely going to by purchasing more!

I have also become enamored by the idea of fruit trees - both indoors and out, in containers and in the ground.  Because, why buy a tree that doesn't also produce delicious and healthy fruit?  It's a little difficult to cultivate fruit trees in Virginia, but I feel that my constant internet research is sure to lead me on a successful journey.  I am starting with a key lime tree, indoors, because citrus trees appear to be lower maintenance than many others.  But I would love to also have a fig tree, and perhaps a bush nectarine?  They are quite beautiful.

And finally, despite the severely cold winter we have here already, when it comes to my outside garden, my planning goggles have already been adjusted, placed securely on my head, and are ready for use!

Next spring, I plan to keep the planting contained to the "bush" variety.  small.  short.  sweet.  I find that the larger varieties of vegetables really aren't the happiest campers in a container.  My list:

Miniature Chocolate Bell Peppers
Czech's Bush Tomatoes
Miniature White Cucumbers
Minnesota Midget Cantalopes
Tom Thumb Sweet Peas

I wasn't kidding!  All courtesy of

Meanwhile - we have been really really enjoying our weekly CSA share from the virginia green grocer.  the amount of cabbage recipes I have had to drum up has been interesting, but I can tell you - there is nothing more delicious than organic, freshly picked sliced carrots with a yogurt/onion dip after a long days work!

Happy Holidays and thanks for tuning in!