Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my sister's new craft book

hey there my crafty and creative blog friends! just wanted to stop by and let you know that my incredibly talented sister, Abby Glassenberg, has just published an amazing sewing and craft book, The Artful Bird, that is available for pre-order on amazon.  It is filled with ideas for how to sew the most wonderful soft sculpture birds that are truly art.  This is the kind of craft book that is sophisticated, wonderfully laid out, and tells the story of a talented stay-at-home mom/artist and crafter.  hope you check it out!!

Oh, and while I am here, I thought I would also share a few photos from our recent trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, (for work), and then Hot Springs, Arkansas.





1. The Clinton Library 2 -4. Hot Springs, Arkansas. The hotel that Al Capone stayed at. If you ever make it out there, I recommend a bath and massage at BuckStaff Baths. It is not only very relaxing, but you'll swear you jumped into a time warp and landed in Mad Men. Thanks for stopping by and as always -