Saturday, July 10, 2010

juicy juicy watemelon

watermelon 2

watermelon 1

watermelon 3

this morning it was raining.  I woke up and went to look at the garden.

the watermelon had split open.  i noticed.

it's split! i panic to myself.  running inside, I knew I had to act fast.  I pulled on Jesse's too large flip flops, grabbed the kitchen shears, and jumped the railing.  (the watermelon was growing on the other side, and could not be pulled through.)  But, anything to save the precious fruit.  Landing on top of the roof of Whole Foods, I cut it from the vine and pulled myself back over.  with lots of my yoga strength. (someone sitting in a car in the next door parking lot froze and looked up at me.)

Once inside, the internet research began.  Well, yes, it seems a split watermelon is quite alright to enjoy (says at least one person on a gardening message board.)  And, someone else states, it may have split due to too much water or too much heat, or that is was over ripe.  Over ripe?  But it is still mostly white inside.  Mostly white!  At long last

I tasted it.  Sweet, watery, juicy.

Well, maybe that's ok, then.  The white.  If it tastes good ...

Next year I will fertilize it properly to produce a sweeter taste.  But for now, I bite in.