Saturday, July 31, 2010

photobooth and tomatillos


We are having a photobooth at our wedding! I am excited of the prospect, and lots of work has gone into planning the whole thing out. I have the signs done, and I pleased with the results - rustic-y yet instructive, you might say. I also love the props that I ordered form MaroDesigns, especially the monocle.  There will be other elements as well, but I will leave those as a surprise.  I know photobooths are pretty big in the blog world, so if anyone has any ideas for me (its still a work in progress) I would love to hear.  Especially - the back drop ... ?


In the garden, tomatillos are flowering!  I must say, tomatillos are definitely as hardy as promised on the seed package.  Even with little care, (I didn't have much faith they would grow), and having to share a pot with the very aggressive mint, the plant has grown quite strong. I think the purple and yellow flower is quite surprisingly pretty.

I also wanted to mention a great program that we just used to recycle our old yoga mats, called, fittingly, recycle your mat. you mail your old mats to the company, where they will be either re-used or recycled, and in return you receive a 20% discount from Manduka, the maker of the awe inspiring Black Mat Pro!  Now, equipped with our new black mats, we will surely rise to yoga stardom (or so may happen only in our minds.  but, in yogi fashion, I say that is just as ok as the real thing, right?)  I find the Manduka mats are a tad on the heavy side (8 pounds!), but so sturdy and cushy, a far better mat than the many I have had before.