Sunday, July 18, 2010

what's doin in the garden

First, my wedding hair - or at least, my wedding hair band! i love love it! (got it here.) oh, and kitty seems to like it too ...

now, the garden:

christmas lima beans

I planted a Christmas lima bean and it took off like crazy. Apparently, beans are very resilient and strong creatures. these beans i left on the vine for far too long and they got a little tough, so I braised them with other veggies, like leeks, carrots, and onions.  next time? i will pluck them when they are young.  plus, leaving them on the vine causes the plant to stop producing beans. new ones are already forming though!

yellow pepper still green

My yellow pepper plant is by far the happiest plant on my balcony this season. It is strong and big and keeps on growing. that makes me happy.

garlic greens

i planted two garlic cloves last week, ones that had already begun to sprout in the refrigerator. Plant them with the skins still on, with the green part facing upwards. in one week, i already have these garlic greens! yummmmy (they will be). they seem to be the kind of crop that one could plant anywhere in the garden as they don't take up much root space.  plus, they can keep many kinds of critters away.


the tomatillos are growing over the side of balcony. from just a tiny seed this large plant has sprouted. with little buds forming. will i be making salsa sometime soon? not if they are like my tomato plants!

tomato plant

lots of greenery, and yellow flowers, but not a tomato in sight. why? most likely because it has consistently been over 90 degrees day and night this summer. the heat is making the tomatoes go into survival mode. well, i have trimmed many of the "suckers" off the stems, and fed them a little bit of epsom salts (supposedly good phosphorus for fruit to circumvent all the nitrogen i have given them for the leaves via plant food). so, maybe in the fall i will get some tomatoes. probably by then.

(oh, and yes, i did ask for green toenail polish at this morning's pedicure - to match the garden of course!)

green onions

and, lastly, these green onions have been great. they grow relatively slowly, but are so easy to pluck and chop up into a salad or as garnish to an omelet!