Monday, April 19, 2010

fresh greens and practical gardening

mesculan, strawberry, blue chees

I decided to cut the salad greens already, after only one month, because although they were still quite small - they seemed to be wilting a little.  And so by cutting them, I hope the next batch will grow and be bigger.

I decided to make a little aperitif for Jesse and I - a "greens, strawberry, and blue cheese" salad with olive oil, sea salt, and aged balsamic.  Yum!


A practical gardening tip:  How does one water a balcony garden with no outdoor water spout?  A quick on-line search landed me with this little contraption, hooking the bathroom faucet with my hose.  Perfect!

(Stay tuned this weekend for the first in a series of videos entitled "what's doin in the garden?" - where, each month, I will take you on a tour of my balcony garden.)

Happy Monday night! And ...