Friday, April 9, 2010

what's doin in the garden

i think fridays might be a good day to post the progress of the garden ... atleast in the beginning, when things are just beginning to grow.

April 9 #2

i was so surprised to see that the strawberries had already started to grow! i hope the ridiculously warm week that we just had didn't trick them into thinking it was already July ...

April 9 #3

the mint is, of course, flourishing. when does this weed not do well? i adore tearing off leaves everynow and then and chewing on them while I work outside. i think mojitos are in my future.
the lettuce, on the right, is beginning to come up... maybe that mojito will accompany a mesculan salad?

April 9 #4

oh my fragile little beets! so red, and so small. i love watching these hearty plants grow.

April 9 #5

the sugar snap peas are doing well - they tend to in the early summer months. when i was growing up, sugar snap peas were my favorite early summer treat, and my mom would often surprise me with a large bag of them when i came home from school at the end of the term. yum!

April 9 #6

my two yellow pepper plants have adapted well outside too ... i hope the chillier weather we are expecting doesn't deter them from their course. same with the cucumbers below... i cross my fingers for them!

April 9

and, lastly, we've got the herbs.  there is curly parley, Italian parsley, rosemary, thyme, dill, chives.  and way down there in that other pot? basil. i like to keep basil by itself, as it tends to takeover where ever it is planted.

i'm curious, what other herbs do you suggest that i grow? any particular favorites out there?

well thanks for taking a look at my garden with me this morning!

this weekend i look forward to lots of warm, sunny weather.  and ...
joining the public library here (why has it taken me so long?) - maybe taking out the help
a long bike ride and brunch in shirlington village
and having our engagement photos taken! as always ...