Tuesday, April 27, 2010

screen printing strawberries

I'm not sure that I mentioned that I am taking a screen printing class. I am really enjoying it! It feels so nice to have an artistic outlet after work once a week. The past two weeks, we have been working with photo emulsion. So, I decided to focus on my garden as my muse.  In particular, my much adored strawberry plant.  I began with this photo:


After playing around with photoshop elements for an hour (not knowing AT ALL what I am doing with this monster of an application) - I came up with this image to be printed on a transparency:


Then, once I transferred the image to my screen in class, along with a torn paper background, I printed two images:

sunrise strawberries

This one I call California surfer.

pop strawberries

This one I call pop strawberry.

Now that I am done with this project, I have tons of thoughts for the next one.  And, our teacher gave us handy instructions on how to screen print at home.  Oh, the possibilities!

Have you guys ventured into screen printing?  Do you know of inspiring prints that I could take a look at?  I would love to hear your thoughts, trials, and tribulations!