Friday, April 30, 2010

wedding update

rifle design

Coming home from work yesterday and opening this box of thank you notes that I ordered from rifle design put a smile on my face, I love that I will be sending out Thank Yous that I find to be so endearing. (though, then we biked to yoga, and then did yoga, and then biked home along the waterfront, which put an even bigger smile on my face.)

And, we have been working with these awesome {etsy} {sellers} to create our Old Town-themed wedding invitations.  It's so exciting to be able to work with designers one-on-one to create the perfect invitation.  And it makes me really happy to work with small businesses.  I am also finding that you end up saving money too!

Oh, and have you checked out this totally awesome and inspiring collection of terrariums compiled by Lauren?  I love it!

Also, this wall garden rocks (in my humble opinion).

As do these vegetable totes.