Friday, May 21, 2010

the first beet harvest

beet harvest 1

I figured since 60 days had come to pass, I might as well harvest the beets, even though no large root ever grew.

beet harvest 2

This was the largest beet that I found. They say that the roots may not grow if the beets are over-crowded (and no, I never thinned mine), or if the dirt does not allow for the roots to expand easily.

beet greens salad

Though if it just the leaves you are going for, then no worries! This salad consists of beet greens, garlic cheese curds from the farmers market, and red onions and chives with a mixed vinegar, olive oil, and agave nectar dressing.

steamed beet greens

And these we'll enjoy with dinner. I cooked them as my sister does, with some red pepper flakes and garlic, as well as a little bit of vinegar and some salt.

Does anyone have any tips for me as I plant my second go around of beets? How thin, when to thin, etc?  Wishing you a pleasant and relaxing weekend!