Saturday, May 1, 2010

mid-century modern

Today Jesse and I went on a House & Garden tour of Hollin Hills, (thank you to my awesome sister-in-law/blog reader for the idea).  Hollin Hills is a mid-century modern housing development outside of Old Town, Alexandria.  Like many modern homes, these encompass open floor plans, and a constant interplay between the inside and the outside - with a through and through respect for nature.

I grew up in a mid-century modern home, and I get so excited whenever I see furniture by such names as Knoll, Noguchi, Saarinen, or Bertoia.  I often find myself explaining to Jesse why these items are so very important to me to collect (despite the price tag.)  I really am not the most materialistic person - but when it comes to the home, I often spend hours thinking of exactly how to make each room "perfect."  (Or, very pleasing to my aesthetic.)  Lucky for us, this store is just two blocks from where we will be moving next year.  Or, maybe, unlucky for us...

 I took some photos along the way.  It was so so warm outside, it was quite a nice little stroll.  And, we bought lemonade from a cute little boy who had set up a stand.  I think that is one smart little capitalist, if I have ever seen one!

hollin hills 1
HH 2
HH 3
HH 4
Hollin Hills 5
Hollin Hills 6
Hollin Hills 7
HH 10