Sunday, May 9, 2010

in the garden

When I came back from San Antonio, I was greeted with a very different garden than I had left only a week ago. I mean, my lord things had sprouted up! I had asked Jesse to overly water everything before he stepped on the plane on Wednesday, and that might have had something to do with it. (although that also might have had something to do with why there were a number of mushrooms in the mint container. yuck!! That one is getting aired out in the sun for a few days.)

Here are a few tid-bits that stuck out to me:

cucumbers, pees, edamame

Can you sort out this mess? Because I don't think that I can. This is a tangle of cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and edamame. Well, it looks happy, so I'll let it do its thing.

summer squash

When I saw these little yellow squash buds, all I could think was - can't wait for squash blossoms! Oh, how I love to fry up those tender orange flowers, with a creamy white cheese wrapped inside ...

beets and carrots

Pretty soon, I will harvest these beets. How lovely it will be to serve a beet green salad and cooked beets for dinner. Yum!

purple beans

This bean vine was non-existent only one week ago. Goodness it is a determined little thing, isn't it?

strawberry and peppers

And the strawberry plant has sprouted this long vine, perhaps three feet long, intruding into the yellow pepper plant space.


And, lastly , my ... watermelon plant!! Yep, that is right. Only I am crazy enough to try and grow watermelons on my balcony. I hear you can train them up a tomato cage. We shall see!

More later. But I am so curious, what you are you guys growing in your gardens right now?