Wednesday, May 19, 2010

fried squash blossoms

fried squash blossoms

eating fried squash blossoms

Tonight I quickly fried up these two squash blossoms that were blooming on the balcony. And, man, were they good! I tried my hardest to save one for Jesse, but then somehow it went straight into my mouth and down, down to my stomach. I had nothing to do with it, I swear!

Fried squash blossoms are so fresh and light and yummy and delicious, I could eat a trillion of them. Hear that squash plant? I am counting on you to fulfill these needs of mine! (or else, I will see if perhaps a vendor is selling some tomorrow at the Michelle Obama's farmers' market that is so conveniently set-up right near my office every Thursday in the spring, summer, and fall.)

But in all seriousness - here is how I make them:

1. Gently open the squash blossoms to make sure there aren't any critters in there (you'd be surprised. I once found a slug in one!)
2. Cut soft cheese into a small chunk big enough to fit within the blossom (any soft cheese will do, or even hard cheese, no worries about that part.)
3. Place the cheese in the middle of the blossom, and wrap the petals around the cheese to hold it in place.
4. Heat oil in a small pan to perhaps a half an inch or less.
5. Mix equal parts flour and water.
6. Dip the flour blossoms into the batter to coat.
7. Fry the blossoms, flipping them over after just a few seconds. They take almost no time at all to cook.
8. Enjoy!