Monday, May 3, 2010


The Dark and Dank:

Umbrella Day

Today, I am stuck in transit. On my way to San Antonio last night for a work trip, my connecting flight was canceled due to a mechanical problem with the plane. So, three hours and lots of phone calls later, I was booked on a flight leaving tonight instead and am now in an airport hotel. And it is pouring rain outside. The funny thing is, this EXACT turn of events happened to me two months ago! I'm not kidding! I think I have bad airplane luck. Jesse says "stay away from me." (He is meeting me in San Antonio on Wednesday. Let's hope my luck leave him alone.)

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The Bright and Beautiful:

Desert Dandelion

Though, here is an idea that brightened my day. Have you ever tried dandelion sorbetHow neat! Just the other day I was picking dandelions with my niece. And just yesterday I made mint chocolate chip ice cream. How wonderful it would be to pick those dandelions with my niece, and then make such a seemingly delicious and refreshing treat!

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